Submission Ideas

Teachers can learn a staggering amount of information from one other over the course of a simple conversation or a brief classroom visit. Yet, we rarely have time to have these conversations. Our schedules are jam-packed with PD, PLCs, pre/post-conferences, observations, I&RS meetings, IEP meetings, parent meetings, staff meetings, etc.

-WE can change that.
-WE can choose to share our stories and engage with our colleagues in a meaningful way.
-WE can inspire each other.
-WE can give each other the support that we so desperately need.

For example:
-How do you design your classroom with your students in mind? Walk a new teacher through your classroom. What would they see?
-Which classroom management strategies have you found to be successful?
-How do you set the tone for the school year within the first few weeks of school?
-How do you get your students excited about learning?
-Which strategy didn’t work out quite the way you expected it to, and how did you adjust course?
-How do you handle complaints or criticism from parents or administrators?
-How do you integrate technology in a meaningful way across content areas?
-Describe the moment that changed the way you teach a subject.
-Explain why collaboration is so important. How do you collaborate with your colleagues?
-Share the most impactful Professional Development session you’ve ever attended or led.
-How do you keep parents informed of their child’s progress?
-Reflect upon the best day of your teaching career.
-Reflect upon the worst day of your teaching career.
-Describe the most frustrating part of being a teacher today. How do you handle it?
-What do you look for in a colleague?
-Have you ever been non-renewed by an administrator? How did you handle it? -What can other teachers in a similar situation learn from your story.
-Analyze the traits of an effective teacher or administrator.
-Analyze the traits of an ineffective teacher or administrator.
-How can an administrator who is new to the district gain the trust and respect of the teaching staff?