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YOU are on the front lines of K-12 education. It’s time to share your story. 

-You attend Professional Development meetings all year long.
-You collaborate with colleagues during PLCs.
-You strive to build relationships with students and their families.
-You write and rewrite lesson plans late into the evening.
-You collect and analyze student data.
-You reflect upon and adjust your teaching methods to meet the ever-changing needs of your students.

As teachers, we can learn a staggering amount of information from one other over the course of a simple conversation or a brief classroom visit. Yet, we rarely have the time to have these conversations or make these visits. Our schedules are jam packed with PD, PLCs, curriculum development, pre/post-conferences, observations, I&RS meetings, IEP meetings, parent meetings, staff meetings, etc. Many of us simply do not have the time to check-in with or learn from our colleagues.

-WE can change that.
-WE can choose to share our stories.
-WE can inspire one other.
-WE can give each other the support that we so desperately need in today’s rapidly evolving field of education.

It is time for YOU to share the story that WE so desperately need to hear. 

For example:
-How do you design your classroom with your students in mind?
-Which classroom management strategies work for you?
-How do you integrate technology across content areas?
-How do you handle complaints or criticism from parents or administrators?
-How has the field changed since you started teaching?
-What advice would you give to a new teacher?
-What do you look for in a colleague?
-Which traits should an administrator possess?
-How can an administrator who is new to the district gain the trust and respect of the teaching staff?

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